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“Anti-Black racism is real. We need to do better. Let’s continue to come together to create a new reality for the Black community and create an environment that is free of racism and full respect for one another.”

At Toronto City Council on June 29, 2020 we passed a very important motion. This motion will bring reform to policing services. In fact this motion will work to reimagine how we deliver Policing and Social Services and result in a reduced Policing budget moving forward.

This path forward will focus on supporting our vulnerable community members not marginalizing them.

These steps will accelerate the pace of police reform. They will lead to a reduction of the Toronto Police Service budget for reinvestment in critical community and social services and crisis response.

I am confident with yesterday's Council decision we are taking the difficult but important steps to create the foundation to stamp out systematic racism facing our Black and Indigenous communities and change for the better. We are faced with a very difficult challenge and I am committed to re-imaging how we deliver Policing and Social services and following through on positive change.

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Thank you for visiting my page! It is my honour to be your local representative in Ward 23 Scarborough North. As City Councillor, my tasks are to focus on every issue, large and small, that affects the community, including affordable housing, transit network expansion, economic growth, sustainability, health and community safety, etc. Let’s accomplish to build a better city together and please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.