2019 City Budget


I am proud to say my council colleagues and I have approved the $13.47-billion budget for 2019. The City of Toronto delivers a great number of services: Garbage collection, public libraries, road repair, TTC, recreation programs, childcare, water testing, police, fire and emergency medical response are just some of the municipal services the city provides of the 150+ services.

This approved budget strikes the right balance in continuing the city services that people have come to rely on while limiting property tax increase at the rate of inflation. This was made particularly difficult because the city fell $80 million short for land transfer tax revenue in 2018. 

I am impressed with budget chief Gary Crawford, the budget committee and city staff with their hard work in delivering a balanced budget which includes an extra $162 million for the TTC to accelerate work on the downtown relief subway line and $30 million to Toronto police, part of which will be used to hire 300 new officers.

To learn more about the budget please follow the link here: https://www.toronto.ca/citygovernment/budget-finances/city-budget/

I always like to hear what you think about the issues. Please write to me at Councillor_Lai@Toronto.ca about what you think of the 2019 City Budget.


Posted by: Cynthia