As more research is being done on cannabis consumption we continue to learn that the impacts it has on mental and physical health are mostly adverse ones. Among this and many other reasons that is why I voted at city council that Toronto should opt out of having retail cannabis stores.

Unfortunately, there were insufficient votes to opt out of having retail cannabis stores. Toronto is 1 of the 337 cities which chose to opt in. Only 77 municipalities chose to opt out. I belong to the minority on this issue. I am proud to stand up on this issue and any other issues even when it appears to be unpopular. I will always be your voice and not shy away in making the difficult choices.

Since cannabis retail is here to stay I will focus on mitigating the negative effects it can have on our communities. One such time was when I made a motion "That City Council request the Province to consider restricting the location of cannabis retail stores so that they are at least 500 metres away from educational institutions, recreational facilities, community centres and religious centres." However, the motion failed by a 12/12 vote.


Posted by: Cynthia