2021 March Div 42 CPLC Communications

CPLC Communications (March 2021)

1) Welcome Unit Commander Superintendent Paul MacIntyre and Second-In-Charge Inspector Gregory Watts

2) Major crimes


Sexual Assault



Break and Enter

Auto Theft

Theft Over


















% Change


- 67%

- 18%

- 70%



- 57%

- 19%

(2021YTD – Extraction Date Mar 3)

3) Firearm Discharges/Shootings4 firearm discharges. A suspect involved in a shooting near Markham/Sheppard was identified and arrested. All cases were not life-threatening.

4) Robbery6 month hot spots are at areas near McNicoll/Midland, Finch/McCowan and Brimley/Sheppard. On street robberies decreased, most of them were on public transit.

5) Break & Enter6 month hot spots are Milliken near Alton Towers Circle and around Sheppard east of McCowan. Sporadic spots are areas near Finch/Midland. Restaurants are mostly targeted. A male suspect was arrested on Feb 14 and hopefully B&Es will decrease.

Condo/Apartment B&Es: Criminals usually follow cars to enter underground parking and go upstairs

Resident B&Es:

  • Landscaping – tall plants and bushes will reduce visibility and conceal entry into your homes
  • Doors – Criminals know the difference between door styles and locks
  • Garage – An open and/or unlocked garage door is an easy entrance for criminals to enter
  • Windows – Bare windows are a way for criminals to see the potential reward inside
  • Garbage – A garbage can/bin can be used as a way to elevate the criminal into a second floor or balcony, give them insight into what you recently purchased and the contents can help them steal your identity
  • Vehicles – Criminals look for empty driveways for an indication that on one is home

6) Auto Theft6 month hot spots are at areas near McCowan/Finchsoutheast of Alton Towers Circle, southwest of Brimley/McNicoll. Lexus RX SUVs, Toyota and Honda are the targets. Several stolen vehicles were found in York Region and Montreal. Police says it is an organized crime.

7) Theft from VehiclesFailure to lock the doors can easily lead to theft from vehicles. 6 month hot spots are at areas southeast of Markham Rd/Sheppard in Malvern area.

8) DrivingIntersections of Interest in Ward 23 are Kennedy/SheppardMcCowan/SheppardMarkham Rd/Sheppard and Midland/Finch. In 2021, there has been a 45% decrease in Motor Vehicle Collision – MVCs compared to this time last year (probably due to lockdown and Stay-At-Home Order).

Weekly top 5 Tickets Overall in 42 Division – 2021 YTD

  • Speeding – Speeding Km/H in a Km/H Zone140
  • Aggressive - Disobey stop sign / Fail to stop33
  • Speeding – Speeding: 24
  • Fail to have insurance card32
  • Obstruct Plate: 20

9) Neighbourhood breakdown of crime statistics can be found at data.torontopolice.on.ca

10) Neighbourhood Watch Program – TPS is no longer administering it, please email Constable Alison Burns alison.burns@torontopolice.on.ca or Constable Gary Gomez gary.gomez@torontopolice.on.ca. They will provide a link to assist residents to walk through the program.

11) Robert Annan of ACCIDENT AWARENESS INC. will host free community traffic Zoom meetings on Friday, March 12. residents are interested, Registration is required. Zoom link will be provided upon registration.

Contact Elsa at 416 493 3333 x 305 or email at elsa@splc.ca or Police Constable Gomez at 416 808 4220/ gary.gomez@torontopolice.on.ca


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