2022 January Div 42 CPLC Communications

CPLC Communications (January 2022)


1) Major Crime 


Sexual Assault



Break and Enter

Auto Theft

Theft Over


















% Change



- 1%

- 27%

- 16%


- 12%

- 2%

(2021YTD – Extraction Date January 12, 2022)


2) 42 Division – Crime Updates 

Issue: Home Invasion / Shooting Arrest – Neilson Rd. and McLevin Ave.

Action: Two suspects entered a unit under the guise of making an internet sale when the victim was suddenly ambushed and bound with zip ties. The suspects then ransacked the unit taking clothing, shoes, and electronics before leaving the unit. A nearby plainclothes officer responded and was able to arrest one male, as well as locate a firearm and belongings from the victim. Home surveillance cameras were able to determine where a firearm had been discarded, as well as a large quantity of fentanyl in relation to this incident.


Issue: Recent Shootings / Homicides in 42 Division ( -1 Shooting, +1 Homicide compared to last year)

Action: Latest homicide – Sheppard Ave. East and McCowan Rd. – 1 Arrested, 1 Warrant issued


Issue: Street Level Internet Sale Robbery Arrest ( -27% in general compared to last year)

Action: The police has identified and arrested two males involved in online Kijiji robberies in the area of Brimley and Steeles.


Issue: Recent trend in any Japanese make vehicles (Lexus, Toyota, or Honda) ( +10% compared to last year, highest occurrences in past 3 years to date)

Action: Recent arrest of four suspects in relation to Lexus thefts. As a result of a SW D42 MCU located and seized a hand gun in this incident.


Issue: 3 Traffic fatality cases in 42 Division – in early December a male was fatally struck by a vehicle near Agincourt Mall while crossing the street. The driver of the vehicle did not remain at the scene and fled.

Action: Through investigation, a suspect has been identified and a warrant in the first has been put out for the driver.


3) Motor Vehicle Collisions (MVCs), 7% decrease compared to this time last year

MOVs: 3130; Personal Injury Collisions: 547, Fatal Collisions: 3


4) CPLC Goals for 42 Division 2022:
A. Be Where the Public Needs the Service the Most

  1. Embrace Partnerships to Create Safe Communities
  2. Focus on the Complex Needs of a Large City


5) Lunar New Year Mall Walk is cancelled


6) Virtual God of Fortune Greeting same as last year


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