2022 February Div 42 CPLC Communications

CPLC Communications (February 2022)


1) Major Crime


Sexual Assault



Break and Enter

Auto Theft

Theft Over


















% Change



- 15%

- 50%

- 16%



- 12%

(Extraction Date February 2, 2022)


2) 42 Division – Project Trident

42 Division has seen firearms used regularly in robberies and violence against persons, and has seen that gang activity and organized crime are directly linked to firearm possession and use. Besides, illegal gaming houses have direct links to organized crime groups. This makes gaming houses and target for violence from rival organizations and often results in the operators being armed with firearms and other weapons to protect their interests.

Community Outreach with Crime and safety Crime Prevention Teams:

The Education and Building Partnerships portion of addressing gun violence in 42 Division will include officers working from 14:00 hours until 18:00 hours, in a uniformed capacity, on Fridays and Saturdays through the months of November and December.

Gaming houses & illegal liquor sales and RIDE spot checks

42 MCU and CRU officers executed several search warrants throughout the Division, prior, during and after Project Trident. 

3) 42 Division – Crime Updates

Issue: Street Level Internet Sale Robbery ( - 50% in general compared to last year)

Action: The police has identified a few outlier occurrences of Kijiji / internet sale robberies. A POI has been identified. 

Issue: Recent trend in any Japanese make vehicles (Lexus, Toyota, or Honda) ( +2% compared to last year)

Action: Div 42 has the lowest counts of the thefts of these makes YTD due to the recent arrest last month.  

Issue: Vehicle warm-up thefts

Action: There is a recent increase in opportunistic auto thefts where victims are leaving their cars running to either warm up the vehicle, or attend a fast food restaurant / gas station and perpetrators are taking advantage of this by stealing those vehicles. 

Issue: Commercial Entries

Action: There is a recent increase in restaurant B&Es where perpetrators are smashing the front glass and targeting any tables/cash left near the register. MCU has identified a POI for these most recent occurrences and will be seeking a warrant for their arrest. 

4) Motor Vehicle Collisions (MVCs) in January

MOVs: 312; Personal Injury Collisions: 38, Fatal Collisions: 0 

5) Black History Month Writing Challenge

As part of Black History Month celebrations, The Toronto Police Service will be having a Creative Writing Challenge for grade 12 students in the Black Community. Eight $500 prize scholarships will be awarded to the winners. Register here: https://t.co/h6hSCV7hLz 

6) Div 42 CPLC Scholarship

2022 CPLC Scholarship – one $500 and two $250 prizes

Completed applications must be received at 42 Division by May 20, 2022.

Application form will be updated later and can be downloaded at http://www.torontopolice.on.ca/d42/ or https://42divisioncplc.org/  

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